Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students| 11 Amazing Italian Universities Websites For Scholarship in Italy Guide

Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students| 11 Amazing Italian Universities Websites For Scholarship in Italy Guide

Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students

Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students is here again! Do you wish to study in Italy? Do you know how to apply for Italy Government Scholarship 2021? The essence of this article is to intimate you with the beautiful academic opportunities open to all sundry who wish to study in Italy. The Government of Italy through laudable mouth-watering scholarships for International students. It is worthy of note here that Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students for international students is proudly fully funded by the Italian Government through her Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Directorate-General for Culture and Economic Promotion and Innovation.

Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students – Summarized Study in Italy Guide

It is necessary at this point to summarily give you some guidelines you may need to successfully go through your studies in Italy before we go ahead to discuss in detail Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students. They are as follows:

  • How to find the shortlisted Universities for your studies/ scholarship
  • How to get admission into Italian University
  • How to verify your educational documents
  • How to get an appointment in Italian Embassy and finally
  • What documents do you need to take to the Embassy?

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How to find Italian Universities

I shall be providing you with some Italian University’s website/admission websites for bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs to help you solve the first under listed challenge in securing Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students and university admission. Check these websites below:

  1. international-university-in-italy-in-2019.html
  5. university of Cassino = www.eng.unicas.It
  6. University of Rome V ergata = www.uniroma2.It
  7. University of Milan = www.unimi.It
  8. University of Florence = www.unifi.It
  9. University of Prisa =
  10. Siena University =
  11. Polytechnic di Torino =


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How to get admission into Italian University

By this we simply mean the eligibility criteria of the various Italian universities one is applying for. What you do is to go through the university’s official website as stipulated above to the necessary admission requirements and possibly go through the eligibility test depending on the country you are applying from since the eligibility criteria vary.

How to verify your educational documents

The truth is that these universities have different ways of processing their admissions and verifying documents. From their websites, you can verify some of this vital information. However, there are two ways some universities do their document submission and verification: either online or direct submission to the university. However, the honor of educational documents verification is on the:


  • Fees are applicable on all the verification processes stated above.
  • Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, IBCC will resume work on the 12th of March 2021. Applicants take note.


What are the necessary documents that may be required for Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students admission?

  • Your Certificates/ transcripts
  • Your Language Proficiency certificates/IELTS
  • Your curriculum vitae [CV]
  • Your passport copy
  • Your recommendation Letter
  • Your job experience certificate. This may be optional.
  • A Motivational Letter.

How to get an appointment with Italian Embassy and finally

The procedures are a bit lengthy but simple. I promise to give you the breakdown in our next publication.
Now let’s take you back to details on Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students 2021/2022.

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Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students Details

  • It is for the Master’s degree program only
  • Tuition fee fully covered
  • Scholars to be receiving a quarterly allowance of $90,000 which will be paid into his or Italian bank account.
  • Teaching materials are in the English Language
  • Scholarship starts from 1ST October 2021
  • Applicants to apply under ” Invest your Talent In Italy”.

Application Deadline: 26th mARCH 2021.

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Available Postgraduate Courses

  • Advanced Technologies
  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Economics
  • Engineering and
  • Management

Italian Scholarships for Foreign Students Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must have completed his or her Bachelor’s Degree program.
  • Applicants date of birth must read from January 1st, 1995 upwards except for those applying for renewal
  • Applicants must submit an English Language Proficiency Certificate

Note: Candidate coming from an English Spoken Country with a Bachelors Degree obtained in an English taught University and be certified with his or her University attesting to the claim.


Mode Of Application

The application is online. Visit the official website of the Government of Italy Scholarship 2021 or copy and paste the link below on your browser to take directly to the “Invest Your Talent In Italy” portal for onward registration.


Don’t forget to apply today while the offer lasts. Remember, the application offer closes on the 26th of March 2021.

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