Opera News Hub| 5 Simple Steps On How To Post & Get Your Content Approved

Opera News Hub| 5 Simple Steps On How To Post & Get Your Content Approved

opera news hub

Hello, audience! What comes to your innocent mind any time you hear the word “Opera News hub”? As a matter of emphasis, the history of Opera News hub is so amazing and I feel it will interest you to know. Opera News is a non-profit making organization founded in 1936 in Oslo, Norway by the Metropolitan Opera Guild with Jon Stephenson, Von Tetzchner, Geir Ivarsoy, Zhou Yahur as CEO’s, Zhou Hongyi and Joakim Kashohm as Directors. Opera News, an American classical music magazine was founded basically to engender the appreciation of Opera and also support the Metropolitan Opera of New York City.


Opera News Hub is an online media platform that gives exposure internationally to online content writers and bloggers. The beautiful thing about Opera News Hub is that it enjoys a special link with all Opera mobile apps. So, if you are a blogger or online content writer, Opera News Hub is one of your biggest media platforms to graciously and internationally showcase your masterpiece to the rest of the world from your very living room.

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  1. Visit opera news hub portal
  2. Log in with either your Google or Facebook account which will be displayed before you as options the moment you log in to the portal or create a new account by providing your details as required.
  3. Confirm your login information to be sure that it’s you.
  4. Complete your media information and wait for approval to join the opera news hub platform.

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The answer is simply “Yes”. Opera news hub is as safe as all other top browsers you can think of with consistent security updates that leave the platform safe and reliable, without threat or threats for internet users.

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  1. Create your extension
  2. Develop your content before submission with a good name picked, a version number chosen, extension support page created though this is optional, a category and license chosen.
  3. Submit your extension for a review
  4. Your extension will be reviewed
  5. The extension will be approved after it has met all criteria.

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Publishers on this beautiful magazine platform enjoy the privileges of achieving an international audience, mega social media traffic, great exposure, and a relatively beautiful income. There is basically measured by the number of quality content posted on the hub, and the measure of media traffics and exposures it engages. Of course, the end result is the earnings that follow.

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The quality of your content is of great essence to the opera news hub. Your content must be quality enough before it can be approved by the platform. In other words, they reserve the right to approve or not to approve your content especially if it falls short of the quality standards.

However, below are factors that determine the approval of your content on the opera news hub:

  1. QUALITY CONTENT: The quality of your content is determined by how much people are willing to read, learn from or search for the particular content you wrote or you are writing about. So, it is important you research any topic you want to develop if it’s actually what people are searching for at the moment.

  1. AVOID PLAGIARISM: Plagiarism is all about copy and paste syndrome. Develop your content using your own idea and not downloading verbatim another man’s content. A plagiarism checker can help your edit your work and avoid copy and paste. Click here to download plagiarism checker

  1. AVOID CLICK OR LINK BAIT TITLES: According to the English dictionary, these are internet articles, infographics, videos, and other content on websites created as part of a strategy to attract links and go viral. It is also a provocative headline designed especially to persuade people to click or share content by using terminology like:
  • Incredible
  • Secret
  • Shocking
  • Unbelievable
  • Surprise
  • Amazing
  • Omg

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Very Good Examples Of Clickbait or Link Bait Titles are

  • Unbelievable! President Joe Biden is dead. Click here to read more.
  • OMG! President Mohammed Buhari resigns. Follow the link to watch the video.
  • Surprise! Michael Jackson is back to life! Click for more details

  1. AVOID GRAMMATICAL ERRORS: Grammatical errors in an article can be likened to a virus in a computer with the potency of crashing the entire system. It can also be likened to a disease in the human body system. It has the capacity of breaking the body system completely down.

Use the below recommended writing tools to achieve error-free content:

  • Grammarly checker, and
  • Hemingway editor
  1. AVOID CAPITALIZING ALL YOUR TITLES: It is against Opera News Hub policy to capitalize your title. The first letter can be capitalized and the rest in a small letter:

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Watch out for our next publication on “3 steps on how to start making money with Opera News Hub”.

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