Discovering God's Purpose For Your Life | 11 Intriguing Keys On How To Discover God's Purpose For Your Life [Personal Development Assured]

Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life | 11 Intriguing Keys On How To Discover God’s Purpose For Your Life [Personal Development Assured]

Discovering God's Purpose For Your Life

Discovering God’s Purpose for your life is a key element in fulfillment and maximization of one’s potentials thereby justifying one’s existence on earth. It is service-driven. God is the God of purpose, ignorance is never a barrier to purpose. When the understanding of God’s Purpose for one’s life is lacking, then abuse is inevitable. Everything made by God has a purpose. Thus, the purpose of a thing helps in understanding its function.

What is God’s Purpose For Your Life?

The purpose is the original intent and blueprint in the mind of the creator that made God create things as they are. It is that original reason for the existence of a thing from the very beginning. God is the creator of all things, hence, His word is the only competent operating manual for His creations to enable them to Maximize His purpose for them. Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life is key to life’s existence.


Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life: Lists Of God’s Purpose for Every Man [ Genesis 1vs26-27,2vs18-24]

  • Be fruitful, full of seeds and fruits, be result-oriented, prosper [Gen.26vs 13]
  • Multiply, increase in number, spread, add in quantity.
  • Replenish the earth, occupy to the fullest
  • Subdue the earth, bring under, conquer by force
  • Have dominion, sovereign, supreme authority, be in charge of your life and destiny.

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Facts about Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life: The Beauty of God’s Purpose

  • The future of a man is a function of his present while the presence of a man is the product of his past.
  • Until purpose is discovered, existence cannot be meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Ignorance of purpose leads to endless toiling and unfulfilled life and destiny.
  • To live without discovering God’s purpose for your life for which you were created is to live aimlessly for your generation and living on your weakness.
  • Discovery of purpose is a discovery of your strength and pursuing it is to live on your strength and in the area of your expertise.
  • The greatest tragedy in a man’s life is to live without a purpose.
  • Living on God’s Purpose is the only thing that makes a man a plus in his generation.

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Biblical Stand Point On God’s Purpose

Romans 8: 28 categorically states that ” All things worketh together for good to them that love God who have been called according to His purpose”. What this means that living outside the purpose of God is to consciously allow all things to work against you. When a man lives outside God’s purpose, he will continually live with most of his plans unaccomplished but when such a man discovers God’s purpose he prevails in all his plans.

Hindrance to Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life

I shall be summarizing hindrance to God’s purpose with 3 key points. They are:

  • Ignorance of who you are: “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6.
  • Sin/ disobedient to God: A kingdom that fights against itself cannot stand
  • Lack of adequate planning and Preparation: when preparation meets with opportunity, success is inevitable. [Habakuk 2:1-3]


How To Discover God’s Purpose for your life

  1. Be born again. ACCEPT Jesus as your Lord and savior.
  2. Go to God in prayers. Pray for an in-depth revelation of who you are. A year under God’s purpose is far better than 1,000,000 years of living without a purpose.
  3. Know what gives you the greatest satisfaction. Know that there is a big difference between happiness and satisfaction.
  4. Search through God’s Word to know whether your satisfaction aligns with the Scriptures.
  5. Be ready to die for that thing that gives you satisfaction. Go all out for it.
  6. What legacy do you intend to live here on earth?
  7. What memory do you want to have here on earth?
  8. What goodness do you intend to give to humanity?
  9. Read Christian/ Motivational literature: A reader is a leader.
    Visit for free Christian literature and Bibles and download Bible for the year plan.


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