IELTS General | 5 Amazing Similarities And Purposes Of IELTS General And IELTS Academic Tests

IELTS General | 5 Amazing Similarities And Purposes Of IELTS General And IELTS Academic Tests


Do you know what IELTS General is all about? Have you heard the name IELTS General and IELTS Academic before? This article is intended to shock you and reveal the amazing differences between the IELTS Academics test and that of the IELTS General. Actually, the major difference between IELTS General and Academic is their purposes. For instance, IELTS Academic test is specifically designed to test the English language skills of candidates who wish to go for higher academic studies in an English-speaking country.

It is designed for candidates wishing to study at a college or a university as undergraduate or postgraduate scholars or those who desire to join an institute of professional training. For IELTS general test, determines and defines the commonplace non-academic English knowledge of international candidates thereby guaranteeing their social and cultural integration.


One of the million-dollar questions that are always on the lips of everyone is the denominator between the IELTS General test and the IELTS Academic test. This is because both almost play the same roles but with a very slight difference.

However, it is important for you to understand that IELTS General and IELTS Academic tests define and measure the English writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills and expertise of candidates in the English language. More so, there is a significant difference in the IELTS writing and reading tests between the IELTS General and IELTS Academic tests.

It is very important to note that IELTS is joint ownership of the British Council, the IDP IELTS  Australia, and Cambridge English. These great English-speaking bodies co-own and manage the IELTS COURSE/TEST.

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This is one important question that must be going through your mind right now. Believe me, many persons seeking to travel or work in English-speaking countries are obviously ignorant of this. In a few minutes from now, we shall unravel this mystery and clear up the confusion surrounding IELTS GENERAL and IELT academics.

Therefore, IELTS General Examination is more appropriate for candidates who wish to apply for studies below a degree level, such as a short-term course in an English-speaking school or a college. More so, candidates who want to pursue work experience or employment training in an English-speaking country often take the IELTS General examination. At present, most candidates who migrate for work in the countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand essentially face IELTS general training as this test features everyday English language skills they might need to adapt to their sociocultural and workplace environments.

Therefore, it is very correct to say that the test is basically an English language proficiency test taken by an international student immigrant who intends to work and study in an English-speaking country. This is primarily intended to enable or encourage an immigrant’s quick and smooth social and cultural integration into his or her new environment.


IELTS General test is different from the IELTS Academic test, especially in terms of the IELTS Writing and Reading tests. The general test includes topics of general interest such as notices, advertisements, newspapers, etc. When it comes to IELTS Academic test, has more serious topics that blend more with higher studies. Therefore, this difference usually leaves students with the perception that the IELTS General examination is relatively easier than the IELTS Academic examination.

Another striking difference that is worthy of note is the fact that IELTS general provides applicants the opportunity to work and study without any hitch in terms of harassment or molestation from the country’s immigration office or even from the citizens of such English-speaking countries while IELTS Academic does not permit that. It is strictly for higher education.


It will be out of place to discuss this very informative issue without shading lights on what IELTS academic is all about.

IELTS Academic test, therefore, is quite similar to the IELTS General test as it also measures the four competencies of the English language. However, IELTS Academic test is more suitable for candidates who wish to pursue higher education in an English-speaking environment. This is to say that IELTS Academics is basically and strictly for international candidates for higher education.

Furthermore, it is possible to sit for the IELTS Academic examination for purposes such as professional registration. IELTS Academic examination mainly evaluates if the candidate is ready to begin his or her studies in English. Therefore, this test includes a vocabulary that is connected to an academic setting. Furthermore, when it comes to the Reading and Writing competencies, IELTS Academic test includes topics more suitable for academic or professional contexts.

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This publication will not be complete if we don’t consider the similarities between IELTE general and IELTS academics. Therefore,

  1. Both tests measure the English language skills of candidates who wish to migrate to English-speaking countries under different circumstances.
  2. Whether you choose IELTS Academic or IELTS General, in both the tests, the listening and speaking tests are exactly the same.
  3. Even if it is IELTS Academic or IELTS General, candidates have to sit for listening, reading, and writing tests on the same day, without any intervals in between them.
  4. In both IELTS General and IELTS Academic, the total time duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  5. Both tests are internationally valid.


Let’s discuss here the purpose of this all-important English proficiency test, thus, IELTS Academic test is specially designed to test the English language skills of candidates who wish to study at a college or a university as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student or those who wish to join an institute of professional training. IELTS general test, on the other hand, measures the commonplace non-academic English knowledge of candidates.


IELTS General reading and writing test include topics of general interest, whereas IELTS Academic test includes more complex topics that blend more with university studies or professional institutions. In other words, IELTS academics is more complex and comprehensive compared to IELTS general test.

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Most candidates consider IELTS Academic to be easier than IELTS General. It is probably different strokes for different folks you may say. The secrete of every examination is the preparedness of the candidate to have a complete understanding of the nature and scope of the examination and read the right materials.


In conclusion, the main difference between IELTS General and Academic is that IELTS general examination includes more everyday topics when it comes to the writing and reading tests while the Academic test includes more profound, academically inclined topics. IELTS is a test that measures a candidate’s English knowledge in all key competencies: writing, speaking, listening, and reading. IELTS Academic, on the other hand, is the test that measures whether a candidate’s level of English language proficiency is suitable for an academic environment. I believe you are now better informed.

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