10 Awesome Tips on How to Write a Lesson Note for Primary School| Teacher Lesson Note Sample

10 Awesome Tips on How to Write a Lesson Note for Primary School| Teacher Lesson Note Sample

how to write a lesson note for primary school

How to write a lesson note, a standard one at that should actually be a serious and primary concern to all teachers, and education authorities who care for the African child. The fact is that quality education is tied to quality teaching and learning delivered in our various institutions whether private or public. How to write a lesson note for primary school is an important seminar topic the education authorities should look into if we must expect quality teaching and learn from teachers.


A lesson note is in the simplest term a detailed, step-step, well-developed lesson or topics of the weeks by a teacher for the ease of teaching and learning. The lesson note is developed from the already carefully built lesson plans.

In the lesson note, a teacher gives a detailed explanation of the weekly lesson plan. In other words, the lesson note interprets fully the lesson plans of a tutor with respect to the classes and subjects involved.  It is very compulsory for a teacher to know how to write a lesson note.


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How to write a lesson note is one of the very first things you must learn as a qualified teacher. A tutor doesn’t just stop at learning how to write a lesson note, he or she must know how to write a standard and an internationally acceptable lesson note.

I have seen a teacher write rubbish all in the name of a lesson note. This is for the fact because they are amateurs and don’t know the real reasons for a lesson note. Here are a few reasons why you must know how to write a lesson note as a teacher:

  1. A lesson note is a handy document that helps a teacher to document the flow of a topic or a class over a particular subject over a period of time
  2. A lesson note is a tool that helps a teacher to determine the progress and impact of a topic or subject on a class.
  3. A lesson note helps a teacher to keep track of how a topic or subject-specific objectives should be delivered or achieved in the course of teaching and learning.
  4.  A lesson note gives a tutor an idea on how best to evaluate students’ or learners’ impact on a subject by the end of a well-taught topic of the lesson.

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How to write a lesson note for primary school became an issue of public interest because of the sensitive nature of this very sector. Primary education is the foundation of all learning. Any error committed here tends to stick to fever in most cases. This is for the fact that their brain at that point is like a blank page waiting to assimilate hook–line–and–sinker whatever knowledge or information that comes in.

In the developed nations of the world, professors teach at this basic level of education because you must teach them well to nurture them for national development. The tips below will help you on how to write a lesson note for primary school learners:

  1. How to write a lesson note for primary school; You must take note of the classes, and the age brackets you intend to prepare a lesson note for. This will guide you on the choice of words, most importantly your grammatical constructions so as to blend to their level
  2. How to write a lesson note for primary school; You must seriously consider the intelligent quotient of the class. By this I mean the cognitive and affective domains. This will help you to relate better with your learners.
  3. To write a lesson note for primary school, you must pay attention to the kind of INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS or teaching aids you intend to use to drive home your lesson.
  4. How to write a lesson for primary school; your instructional technique must be superb to be able to carry the children along. This means that your teaching and learning must be active and not passive.
  5. Another important tip on how to write a lesson note for primary school is that your specific objectives must be simple, straight to the point, and well defined if you must achieve them.
  6. Your entry behavior and set induction are keys to your catching their attention and driving the lesson home by the end of the lesson.
  7. How to write lesson notes for primary school; the teacher must recognize the whole essence and concept of the learners or student performance activity observed while writing a lesson note. You must carry the children along in the course of your teaching.
  8. Another vital key on how to write lesson notes for primary school is on the “EVALUATION”. Your evaluation must capture your specific objectives. Let it be constantly and frequently observed as you teach in the form of questions and answers.
  9. Summarize by giving them simple classwork and assignments that they easily do on their own to sink in the lesson deep into their memories.
  10. Do not forget that each step you take in your lesson development or performance activity must go with the student performance activity too.

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We cannot teach you how to write a lesson note for primary school without writing down a sample. The templates have been provided on how to write a lesson note for primary school. The template together with this lesson note sample will give you what you want.

Here is a standard lesson note sample. We shall be carefully observing the templates as stipulated above in this sample for your clarification, thus:



CLASS:                                   PRIMARY 5

AVERAGE AGE:                   9 YEARS PLUS

GENDER:                              MIXED

DATE:                                    31ST JAN. 2022                              

DURATION:                         35 MINUTES

TOPIC:                                   SNAIL FARMING

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: By the end of the lesson, learners should be able to:

  1. Define snail farming
  2. State types of snail

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS: Snails, nets, leaves, textbook

INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNIQUE: Explanation, illustration, demonstration, question, and answering

ENTRY BEHAVIOUR: Learners have learned the meaning, and types of agriculture in their previous class.

SET INDUCTION: The arouses learner’s interest with the following questions, thus:

  1. Who can define agriculture
  2. State the two types of agriculture we have?


STEP 1: The teacher introduces the topic on the marker board, thus: “Snail farming”.

LEARNER’S PERFORMANCE ACTIVITY: Learners repeat the topic after the teacher and thereafter pay rapt attention.

STEP2: He defines snail farming as the art and science of rearing snails either for personal consumption or for commercial purposes.

LEARNER’S PERFORMANCE ACTIVITY: They are to repeat after the teacher, ask questions, and pay attention.

STEP3: The teacher states the types of snails as follows

  1. Archachatina naginata
  2. Archatina maritime [Water snail]
  3. Archatina archatina [Rain forest snail]

LEARNER’S PERFORMANCE ACTIVITY: Learners should state the types of snails, and listen to the teacher for more explanation.

EVALUATION: The teacher evaluates the lesson, thus

  1. Who can define snail farming
  2. Who can mention the major types of snails?
  3. Who can identify these snails from the teaching aids?

SUMMARY: He summarizes the lesson by redefining snail farming and the three major types of snails we have in Africa, and thereafter writes the note down for learners to copy.

CLOSURE: The teacher checks their notes and marks them.


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Wow! How to write a lesson note for primary; it is one beautiful, simple but requires skills for a perfect lesson note. This is because of the class of learners you target to reach. The sample above on how to write a lesson for primary school is the very best lesson note template so far to follow.

This article “How to Write a Lesson Note for Primary School| Teacher Lesson Note Sample” is one article  I stand here as an authority in education to recommend for all teachers who wish to learn how to write a lesson, not just for primary school but other levels of education to read through and learn from.

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