School Administrator Job Description| 14 Amazing Sterling Qualities / Functions of School Administrators

School Administrator Job Description| 14 Amazing Sterling Qualities / Functions of School Administrators

school administrator

A school administrator is a key to every institution of learning. A school administrator is saddled with the sole responsibility of initiating and supervising the administrative duties in any organized institution thereby ensuring organizational or institutional excellence in terms of teaching and learning and staffing.


A school administrator is the administrative head of an institution whose sole responsibility is to think out ideas, organize human and material instrument, deploy human and material instrument, plan and execute the school programs and ideas, and monitors the execution of staff daily duties in the school so as to achieve a smooth sailing of teaching and learning in an established and organized institution.

The school administrator is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of academic programs of a basic school, high school, college, or a university.

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When we say lists of school administrators we mean the relevant offices and principal officers that make up the school management board. Let it be categorically stated here that the school administrator has other sub-administrators that help out in the management of a school.

The list of school administrators is simply the statutory positions common amongst school administration. Though some positions vary with states, countries, continents, and governments, some remain constant with the education system. They also vary with the different types/levels of institutions, thus:


Primary education has the following principal offices and officers statutorily recognized. They are:

  • Headteacher
  • Assistant headteacher
  • Bursar

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The Secondary/colleges have the following principal offices and officers statutorily recognized. They are:

  • Principal for the secondary school/High schools
  • Vice-principal
  • Dean of students
  • Dean of Admissions
  • Departmental heads [HOD]
  • Bursar


The Colleges and Universities education has the following principal offices and officers statutorily recognized. They are:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Dean of students
  • Librarian
  • Head of Departments
  • Rector
  • Provost, etc.

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By types of school administration, we mean the different types of schools and their administrators.  The lists below are the various types of school administrations:

  • Pre-school administration
  • Elementary school administration
  • Secondary/High school administrations
  • College administration
  • University administration

We shall take our time in our next publications to take up these types of administration one at a time and dissect them for a better understanding of powers and programs as it affects teaching and learning.

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It should be clearly stated here that there is what is called a “School Organogram”. This is basically the administrative structure of a school so that it is not only the school administrator that is the sole manager of a school. The school administrator has other principal officers working together with him to ensure the smooth running of the school. These principal officers are called school management or school administrators.

These principal officers as captured in the school organogram include:

  • The school proprietor/CEO
  • The board of governors
  • The head of administrations
  • The Vice-Principals/Assist. Headteacher
  • The Bursar [Acct]
  • Heads of departments
  • Teachers/Teachers assistants
  • Non-academic staff

See the chart below for further clarification on how a school should be administratively structured. However, the head of them all is the proprietor which can either be the government or an individual under the private sector setting.

                  school administration

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The functions of the school administrator are so endless but we are going to state as much as we can, thus:

  • The school administrator plans and prepares class schedules for teachers.
  • Allocates subjects and classes to teachers.
  • The school administrator ensures the standardization of schemes and curriculum.
  • He prepares and allocates school budgets for the academic session.
  • Ensures
  • Think out ideas, conduct research on the latest instructional techniques and aids that can enhance the academic standard of the school.
  • Organizes both human and material instrument available to ensure maximum academic excellence.
  • Deploys human and material instruments according to their professional abilities thereby maximizing their full potential to the benefit of the school.
  • Plan and execute the school programs and ideas as regards extracurricular activities as captured in the school calendar or class schedules.
  • Monitors the proper and perfect execution of staff duties by way of reviewing the functionalities of every department in the school.
  • The school administrator schedules staff and management meetings when deemed necessary.
  • The school administrator monitors and keeps beautiful track records of students’ academic successes and failures as well and makes appraisals and major decisions when deemed necessary in the academic performance of a student/learner.
  • Ensures good and beautiful mutual relationship between the school and parents
  • The school administrator prepares and submits either termly or annual progress and financial reports of the school to the Proprietor.
  • Works together with the bursary department to ensure accuracy in school accounts and budget allocation.

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If you can get like 50% of these rare awesome qualities in a  school administrator, then the school will definitely thrive pretty well, thus:

  1. A school administrator must be well-read at least a bachelor’s or Master’s degree holder in education or other related fields of study
  2. He must be very versatile in all knowledge and fields
  3. A school administrator must be extraordinarily creative and intelligent.
  4. A school administrator must be passionate and gifted about his job.
  5. He must be extremely vast in matters of administration and resource management.
  6. In-depth knowledge of policies and frameworks like the scheme and curriculum and other relevant education policies.
  7. A school administrator who is knowledgeable in statutory records has an edge over others.
  8. He must be well over skilled in oratory and grammatically sound.
  9. Must be honest, trustworthy, humble, and generally caring and kindhearted.
  10. Must be strong, brave, smart but soft-hearted.
  11. He must be detail-oriented, in fact, a perfectionist, paying attention to every little detail without losing sight of the vision and mission statement of the school.
  12. Must be charismatic enough to take charge of all departments without compromising standards and quality.
  13. He must be a person of integrity and unquestionable character.
  14. A school authority must possess the capacity to work under pressure and handle multiple duties without losing calmness.


The 21st-century education system as a matter of necessity requires school administrators with extraordinary skills and rare qualities to be able to breed, nurture, and natural world academic geniuses with super intelligence. School administrators have a lot to contribute to building and nurturing national development.

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The federal ministry of education, the Universal basic education commission, and all other education authorities should critically consider and most importantly appoint school administrators [s] strictly by merit considering those sterling qualities stated above and not by favoritism or man-know-man.

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