MBBS Scholarship 2022/2023 Fully Funded| 7 Awesome Medical Scholarships Abroad - Apply Now!

MBBS Scholarship 2022/2023 Fully Funded| 7 Awesome Medical Scholarships Abroad – Apply Now!

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MBBS scholarship for students wishing to secure degrees in medicine abroad is a lifesaver most importantly for candidates coming from third-world countries. The 2022/2023 mbbs fully funded scholarships application is open right now for interested candidates to apply for. if you have interested in doing your MBBS abroad the opportunity is finally here for you to access anywhere in the world.

The essence of this all-important article is to bring to the knowledge of those students wishing to do their MBBS medicine degree abroad the various MBBS scholarship opportunities scattered in most of the top universities overseas.
We shall give you detailed MBBS scholarship openings at many top universities around the globe for students to access.



It is important to note here that having a degree in medicine in virtually all the universities of the world whereas, in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, or any other part of the world are so costly and as such students with the best brains for the course are seriously finding it extremely difficult to cope or through their studies. This is why fully funded MBBS scholarships offered by top universities are really a divine intervention for medical students globally.

Therefore, are you looking for MBBS scholarships for your medical degrees this academic year 2022/2023? Do you plan to study oversea and share the beauty of nature, cultures, and diversities with quality education experienced at its peak of excellence and styles? Then leverage yourself with these golden opportunities.

Governments are making conscious efforts to subsidize the cost of education, especially medical degree courses. these and more inform the reasons why these MBBS scholarships are put together by developed countries and top-ranked world universities.

I have carefully and comprehensively compiled the list of these top-ranked universities that offer fully funded MBBS scholarships for you to access and apply for them while the offer lasts.


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Beloved is on the list of countries that are seriously offering MBBS scholarships for medical degrees. In these countries as of 2021&2022, the average overall cost of medical school for the first year was rated to be $39, 237.

Here is the list of the countries that offer MBBS scholarships:

  1. China
  2. European Countries
  3. Japan
  4. Scotland
  5. Singapore
  6. Turkey
  7. UK
  8. USA

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1. Knight Hennessy Scholarship

Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program is an MBBS scholarship scheme for medical students that creates over 100 scholarship opportunities for oversea students to access through Stanford University. it specially accommodates Citizens of the United States of America who wishes to go for their Master, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, Medical, and Joint Degrees.

Click here for all the details you might require [The official website]


2. Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship Program [Turkey]

Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship Program is a Turkey government fully funded MBBS scholarship program for international students desiring to study in Turkey. This scholarship program is basically designed to fully cover the cost of running Undergraduate Master, Ph.D., Post-doctorate, Dental Studies, Nursing, and
Veterinary medicine in Turkey by international students.

Financial Coverage for Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship

  • Round-trip Airfare Ticket
  • Accommodation
  • A stipend of 50400 Turkish Lira
  • Tuition Fees
  • Health Expenses
  • Turkish Language Course

Click here for more information on eligibility criteria and other information [ official website ]


3. Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Scotland Saltire Scholarship is an MBBS scholarship program specially offered to 50 special international students by the Scotland government wishing to bag a degree in medicine in Scotland.

Click here to get all the necessary details on financial coverage, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.


4. Australia Award Scholarship

MBBS Scholarships are carefully designed by The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia. It is specifically granted to candidates belonging to developing countries. This scholarship is for students in undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs.


The Australia Award Scholarship benefits are so much so that you can’t ignore it but go for it, thus:

  1. Full tuition fees
  2. A return air ticket
  3. An allowance for stationery, textbooks, and most of the expenses.
  4. This program provides all information about living and studying in Australia.
  5. A free-of-cost OSHC “Overseas Student Health Certificate” for international students.

However, the MBBS scholarship provision is meant for students from the below countries. thus:

  • Asia
  • Pacific
  • Middle East

Check this site for more details


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5. China Ministry of Education Approved MBBS Scholarships

There are lots of universities in China that offer MBBS scholarships with the approval of the China Ministry of Education. I have painstakingly listed the universities in China offering MBBS scholarships. Here are the lists below:

  1. Zhejiang University
  2. Shandong University
  3. Jiangsu University
  4. Chongqing Medical University
  5. Xiamen University
  6. Nantong University
  7. Fujian Medical University
  8. Zhengzhou University
  9. Liaoning Medical University
  10. China Medical University
  11. Dalian Medical University
  12. Wuhan University
  13. Tongji University
  14. Ningbo University
  15. Zhejiang University
  16. Shandong University
  17. Jiangsu University
  18. Chongqing Medical University
  19. Xiamen University
  20. Nantong University
  21. Fujian Medical University
  22. Zhengzhou University
  23. Liaoning Medical University
  24. China Medical University
  25. Dalian Medical University
  26. Wuhan University
  27. Tongji University
  28. Ningbo University

Note that most of these government-sponsored MBBS scholarships are either full or partial, and some with a monthly stipend of 15.00 RMB covering undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. programs.


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6. New Zealand Aid program

The New Zealand Aid program is carefully designed to offer scholarships to international scholars all over the world. This MBBS scholarship covers undergraduates, post-graduates, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Below are New Zealand universities that run the New Zealand Aid program for international students:

  1. University of Auckland
  2. Auckland University of technology
  3. Lincoln University New Zealand
  4. Massey University
  5. University of Canterbury
  6. University of Otago
  7. University of Waikato
  8. Victoria University of Wellington


  1. This scholarship is fully funded which means it handles all tuition fees throughout the degree.
  2. This scholarship will give you a living allowance of $491 per week
  3. It also gives you an establishment allowance of $3000.
  4. This scholarship will also give you travel insurance.
  5. Air tickets for home are based on the length of your scholarships.

Eligibility criteria

To apply for this scholarship, your age must be 18 years old.
You need a student visa.
All the academic documents should be provided with the application.
You should have passed the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

Click here for more information on the New Zealand Aid Program.


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7. Friedrich Ebert Sifting scholarships

Friedrich Ebert scholarships is an MBBS scholarship program beautifully designed for all German and overseas international students. This scholarship provides bachelor’, master’s, and Ph.D. programs in subjects taught at the Universities of Germany.

The scholarship gives students a monthly allowance of €744.
Any student who wins this scholarship also receives medical health insurance of up to €71 per month.
The scholars who come with families also receive a family allowance of €155 per month.
This scholarship also manages a cost during thesis and research work.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Applicants must be active participants in working in different societies.
  2. Applicants must have a broad vision and have a critical thinking solution for every problem.
  3. Applicants must have degrees from previous studies.

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