5 Most Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada | 10 Best Scholarships In Canada | Study In Canada

5 Most Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada | 10 Best Scholarships In Canada | Study In Canada

scholarships in canada

Scholarships in Canada are a dream come through for every aspiring student who desires to study in world-class facilities surrounded by good people and a good life. Many times students ask themselves can I get a scholarship in Canada without knowing anybody? The answer is Yes you can get fully funded scholarships in Canada without having to know anybody so long you got the brains.

Why Scholarships In Canada?

Canada today offers thousands of fully funded scholarships for international students. In fact, there are Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Degree programs in top Canadian universities for international students to pursue. The essence of this publication is to expose some of these mouth-watering free study opportunities and encourage students globally to grab these fully funded scholarships in Canada and upgrade their lives while the offers last.

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Can You Get Scholarships While In College In Canada?

Many times, people have asked me where can  I get scholarships while in college in Canada?   My answer has always been yes they can. Yes because most of these fully funded scholarships in Canada require your university to nominate you as their candidate before you can be considered.
Today, Canada has over 640,000 international students garnering amazing quality education via either partial or fully funded scholarships provided by the Canadian government, private individuals, and corporate organizations. Canada today ranks as the 3rd world’s most popular educational choicest countries after America and the United Kingdom coming first and second respectively in the globe.

The reason for the rush from international students to seek Scholarships in Canada is the fact that Canada hosts the world’s best or first-class universities plus the fact that living in Canada is so beautiful and peaceful.

There is no doubt that the living expenses in most states in Canada are obviously high and also most of their universities. This is the real reason why scholarships in Canada or better put studying under a scholarship in any of these chosen universities is preferrably better.

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Top 5 Fully Funded Scholarships In Canada

It is no longer news that Canada is one of the best countries for higher studies. Outside Canada’s beautiful siren environment, her education system is world-class. At this point we shall be taking you through the list of top fully funded scholarships in Canada, their financial worth’s benefits, and criteria for gaining admission. they are:


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships is the highest fully funded scholarship in Canada for the moment for international students. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships is practically and singly funded by the Canadian government for international students in Canada.
The whole essence of establishing the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships was to attract exceptionally academically sound and intelligent international Ph.D. students to Canada. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships have the above institutes:

  • Institute of Natural science and Engineering research council
  • Institute of Health, and
  • Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

These institutes receive three places annually with over 166 successful Ph.D. international students of exceptional academic, leadership and research excellence admitted into the institutes. The institution determines Admission quotas with the University of British Columbia, McGill, and Toronto receiving the largest quota. Don’t forget that nominees are nominated by students’ respective universities.

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Full Details Of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Amount: CAD 50,000 per year for 3 years
Eligible Degree: Doctorate Degree

Procedures and Criteria for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships in Canada

To complete your nomination procedure, you are expected to supply the following details:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Your Research application form
  • Your Research Contributions
  • Leadership Statement
  • Your Research proposal
  • Your CV
  • Two Letters of Reference Project References


The Ontario Trillium Scholarship in Canada like the sister Vanier scholarships is the second highest fully funded scholarship in Canada after VCGS. The purpose of establishing the scheme is to discover and bring to Canada exceptionally intelligent Ph.D. international students who are sound academically, in leadership, and project research.

For a successful nominated student to continue receiving scholarship privileges from Ontario Trillium student must maintain satisfactory academic excellence in the source of the studies. Finally, you cannot combine Ontario Trillium scholarships with any other scholarships in Canada.

Details Of Ontario Trillium Scholarship in Canada

Scholarship amount: CAD 40,000 for 4 years
Eligible Degree: Full-time doctorate degrees at Ontario Trillium based Institutions

Documents Required To Complete Admission Procedures

To complete your nomination procedure, you are expected to supply the following details:

  • Your transcript
  • Your Academic intentions
  • Letters of recommendation, and
  • Any other supporting documents

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships in Canada is the 3rd highest fully funded scholarship in Canada. Just like the name ‘” Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships”, it is named after the former Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
The whole idea for the scholarship was to reduce or subsidize the cost of doing a Ph.D. program for 16 international students by picking one of the foundation’s topics for research.
For you to be qualified for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships in Canada, you must have been accepted into a doctorate degree program in Canada.

Details of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship Amount: CAD 40, 000 a year for 3 years.
Eligibility Degree: Full-time doctorate degree in either Human Rights and Dignity, People and the Natural Environment, Canada and the World, OR Reliable Citizenship.

Admission Criteria, eligibility, and Procedures

  • You must be a doctorate degree student already in Canada
  • you present your academic achievements
  • Dedication as a factor
  • You must possess exceptional Leadership qualities
  • You must possess agility and resilience as a quality.

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The Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships in Canada is another awesome scholarship but strictly for undergraduate students and studies. This scholarship is designed for highly intelligent international students with amazing leadership qualities and academic profiles.
For you to understand how competitive and how academic excellence is the only determinant to getting it, this scholarship prize is given to just 37 students for the entire year and you are to study at the prestigious Toronto University Canada.

Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships Coverage

It is cheering to note here that outside student books, lodging fees, and miscellaneous fees, the scholarship covers all other bills and most importantly your full Tuition yearly.

Scholarship Amount: Tuition amount for four years.
Eligibility degree: Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto.

Eligibility, criteria, and procedures for Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships in Canada

  • Applicants are qualified if it is their first time Bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicant must be nominated by their high school counselors.
  • Applicants can only apply for Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships once he or she is nominated and approved.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by the institution by April to enable students to join the Fall Semester.


Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Canada is designed for Masters and Doctorate degree students at Ontario-based Institutions. The Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Canada are co-sponsored by the Ontario Government and partner schools with the aim of offering a stipend to Master’s and Doctorate degree students based on merit.
The university determines students who qualified for the scholarship award and the financial benefit lasts for a year or two maximum. However, regardless of this limitation, students are eligible for 6 years or lifetime benefits from the scholarship.

Full details of Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Canada

Scholarship Amount: CAD 10,000 for 2 terms to CAD 15,000 for 3 terms.
Eligible Degree: Masters and Doctorate degree at any Ontario-based university.

Eligibility criteria and procedures for Ontario Graduate Scholarships in Canada

For a candidate to qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must have enrolled in a full-time graduate program for a minimum of 2 terms.

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It is noteworthy here to conclude that these are not the only scholarships in Canada available for international students, however, these are the most considered and probably top fully funded scholarships in Canada.
Other scholarships in Canada that rank amongst the top 10 fully funded scholarships in Canada are

  1. The Karen MC Kellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award for the bachelor’s degree program at the British Columbia University
  2. The University Of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships [UMGF] designed for full-time Masters and Doctorate degree international students at the University of Manitoba
  3. The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship for Bachelors degree students at the University of Calgary Canada
  4. The University Of Columbia [UBC] Public Scholars Award is designed solely for Doctorate Degree Students at the University of British Columbia. and
  5. The International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarships Canada is designed for Bachelor’s degree students at the York University Faculty Of Liberal Arts and Specialized Studies.

These scholarships are the first ten top fully funded scholarships in Canada for international students. Follow us on all our social media handles and Share, like, recommend, and drop your comments @williamsedublog.com

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