How To Calculate Percentage of The School Weekly Attendance Register | 2 Amazing Samples on Percentage calculations

How To Calculate Percentage for The School Weekly Attendance Register | 2 Amazing Samples on Percentage calculations

How To Calculate Percentage

How to calculate percentage of a school’s weekly attendance register is one hell of a task for some teachers. The problem most times is usually from school administrators who don’t even know how to keep some of these school vital statutory records. In our earlier publication, we discussed how to work the school daily register but not how to calculate percentages.

How To Calculate Percentage [%] Ratio Of a School Weekly Attendance

How to calculate percentage attendance ratio of a school every weekend is as simple as A, B, C, D.  Relax as we guide you through.

However, How to calculate percentage ratio of a school’s weekly attendance from the daily attendance register is a function of many mathematical calculations. However, it is the simplest calculation involved with the working of the school’s daily attendance record as one of the statutory records. But not to worry, we shall guide you step by step until you can boldly understand how to calculate the percentage ratio of school weekly attendance.


To Calculate percentage ratio of school weekly attendance involves:

  1. You understand how to mark the daily attendance register
  2. You understand how to add up the morning and afternoon as marked in the daily register
  3. You understand how to calculate the number of students on roll.
  4. You understand how to calculate the number of days school opened in a week
  5. You understand how to calculate the percentage ratio of the data gathered.


Before we treat how to calculate the percentage ratio, read School Attendance Register – 22 Amazing Tricks on How to Calculate the Weekly Percentage of the School Attendance Register to understand what the Daily Register is all about, what it contains, and its importance to a school.  However to calculate the percentage ratio of the school’s weekly attendance register:

  • Mark the school attendance register with a stroke [\|] for Morning and Afternoon in the log box respectively.
  • Mark zero [o] for absenteeism
  • In the case of a public holiday, draw lines vertically on the Morning and Afternoon log boxes of each of the days.


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Follow these steps to calculate percentage weekly attendance %, thus:

The formula is total morning attendance per week + total Afternoon attendance per week x 100 divided by the number of students in the class x number of days school opened.

That is: M + A X 100/ Number students on roll x Number of Days school opened in a week.

It is important here you know that school opens ten [10] times a week. i.e. Morning [M] and Afternoon [A] = 2 times per day. Therefore

If a school opens 5 times a week [5X] = 2X5 = 10

If 4x = 2×4 = 8

If 3x = 3×2 = 6

If 2x = 2×2 = 4

If 1x = 1×2 = 2

With this knowledge, you can calculate your school register Weekly percentage[%]


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How To Calculate Percentage In The Case Of No Public Holiday The Week

If a class has a total of 50 students and they are all in attendance in a week. How to calculate the percentage [%]


Formular = M+AX100/NO. of students x Number of Days school opened


Add up the morning strokes to get the attendance for a morning session, thus:

Morning = 50 per day [Since all were present]

STEP2: Add up the afternoon strokes to get the afternoon attendance, thus:

Afternoon = 50 per day [ since all were present


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To get the total number of Mornings and Afternoons for 5 days in a Week [Since the school opened 5 times], thus:

Multiply the total morning attendance [from Monday – Friday ] by 5 Days school opened = 50×5 = 250 [Morning]

Multiply the total Afternoon attendance [from Monday – Friday] by 5 days school opened =50×5 = 250

Add morning and Afternoon together to get total attendance =250 + 250 = 300


Multiply total weekly attendance by 100% to get your total weekly attendance =

500×100 = 50,000


Multiply the number of students on the roll by the number of times school opened =

50×10 = 500


Divide step by step to get your weekly percent average =

50,000/500 = 100%



  1. we neglected absentee whether in the morning or afternoon since it is assumed that all students were present the whole week.
  2. In the case where some students were absent the strokes on morning and afternoon boxes on the days school opened and as marked by the class or form teacher will always guide you to arrive at the correct attendance per day.
  3. You must learn to summarize your students’ daily attendance by counting the strokes for morning and afternoon and writing them down under their respective columns. This will make your weekly attendance very easy to calculate.


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How To Calculate Percentage If There Was a Public Holiday?

Supposing there are 50 students in a class, there is a one-day public holiday and 45 students were present all through the day school opened, calculate the weekly percentage average.



Here, the methods or steps are the same only that we are going to recognize the public holiday and the absentees as reported above.


Formular   = M + A X 100/NO. of students x Days  school opened

No. of students on roll                                   =  50

No. of times school opened                    = 2×4   = 8

No. od students present  although the week           = 45 students

No. absent  although the week            = 5 student


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To calculate for Morning and afternoon attendance per day = 2 x no. on roll present.


To calculate the total Morning attendance for the Week by 4 days  =    45 x 4  = 180


To calculate the total Afternoon attendance for the Week by 4 days

Total afternoon attendance        =  45  x 4  = 180


Total attendance for 1 week, add Morning + Afternoon attendance =

Total attendance         = 180 + 180      = 360

Therefore, Total attendance for the week opening in 4 days and 5 students absent         = 360


Multiply No. of students on a roll by No. of days school opened             =        50 x 8             = 400


Now, how to calculate the Percentage attendance       =   M + A X100/400

 = 360 X 100/400

= 36000/400

= 90%

This is How To Calculate Percentage of The School’s Weekly Attendance Register

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The essence of this very publication is to assist the various agencies of education in promoting the record-keeping culture and also encourage fresh graduates from our different colleges and schools of education and those who wish to take a career in the education sector to do so.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the only parameter in determining a standard institution is justifying its abilities in record keeping. This is to say that there is no standard institution of learning without standard record-keeping procedures over time.

How to calculate the percentage of school weekly attendance is here made very easy for all sundry. Contact us for further our social media handles


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