Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students | Yunching Academy of Peking University China - 8 Amazing Steps On How To Apply

Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students | Yunching Academy of Peking University China – 8 Amazing Steps On How To Apply

Fully funded scholarships

Hello dear friend, have you been looking for top Chinese Government Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students in China 2023-2024 for the Academic session? Then search no further. Our intention here is to show you the multiple ways to find the most authentic information related to Fellowships, grants, and scholarships globally. The truth is that it is actually very difficult to search and find each scholarship by searching each scholarship on the Google search engine.


We have carefully and painstakingly short-listed some of the fully funded scholarships made available in China to support the hopes and dreams of people who particularly lack the financial capability to sponsor themselves abroad without further delays, let’s get right into looking at the 5 fully funded scholarships for studying in the federal republic of China.

Therefore, it needs a portal or a website where you can find all the related information about scholarships, fully funded scholarships for international students that are provided in China.

The extremely large expenses of traveling abroad and ever-increasing foreign students’ expenses are likely to be the source of any lasting concerns you may have about studying abroad however, going on a fully funded scholarship makes the trouble a whole lot easier. What many people may not take into account, however, is the wide range of sources of finance available to assist you in managing the fees and other expenses during your study abroad.

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The 5 top fully funded scholarships for international students in China, have been proposed for you by the Chinese governments and sponsored institutions through their academic universities. Following is the list of all study opportunities in Europe, Asia, and North America on fully funded scholarships.

Every year, the Government of China releases more than 20 thousand Scholarships for International Students for Short Courses, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D all fully funded scholarships. Degree programs in 250+ Chinese top-class universities. These Chinese Government Scholarships are fully funded Scholarships programs that will cover all the expenses of the student during the Study in China.

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Here are some of the TOP 6 Fully Funded scholarships available in China and fully funded scholarships for abroad students. They are:

  1. Schwarzman Scholars Program China Fully Funded 
  2. Lanzhou University of Technology President Scholarship China fully funded
  3. Fully funded North China Electric Power University International Scholarship China 
  4. East China Normal University scholarship China – Fully Funded 
  5. Tsinghua University CSC Scholarship China – Fully funded 
  6. DalianUniversity Of Technology Scholarship China – Fully Funded 

We shall be discussing these amazing China Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students one by one in our subsequent publications. However, in this very publication, we shall be discussing in detail the Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students | Yunching Academy of Peking University China – 8 Steps On How To Apply

Here are the Yunching Academy Of Peking University Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students In China:

 Yenching Academy Of Peking University Fully Funded Scholarships in 2024

Yenching Academy International fully funded scholarships open to abroad students all over the globe irrespective of nationality, religion, and language. The 2024 academic session is now open for students with excellent academic records and beautiful extracurricular activities and achievements.

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What Are Some Important Details For The Fully Funded Yunching Academy Scholarships?


UNIVERSITY: Yunching Academy of Peking University

SCHOLARSHIP OFFERED: Fully funded by Peking University

Financial Coverage: Fully Funded


Benefits Of The Yunching Fully funded scholarships

  1. It covers the full tuition fees for the Master’s studies
  2. A monthly stipend will be provided to the fellow
  3. Medical expenses are also covered.
  4. Accommodation will also be provided by the university although it’s a room for two students to share with a common bathroom
  5. One round-trip Airfare allowance will also be provided.

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There are various degree/ research areas in the Yunching Academy Peking University fully funded scholarships for international students. These research areas include:

  1. Law and Society
  2. Literature and Culture
  3. Economics and management
  4. Politics and International Relations
  5. History and Archaeology
  6. Philosophy and Religion

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Yunching Academy Fully Funded Scholarships?

If you must qualify for fully funded scholarships at China Ynuching Academy, you must meet the following requirements, they are:

  1. Complete your undergraduate/bachelor’s degree or probably enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program currently
  2. Your age must be between 23 to 28 years of age.
  3. For undergraduates. you must complete your first degree before the 31st of August 2023
  4. You must provide and present certified proof of English proficiency
  5. Applicant with excellent academic records gets better chances of winning the fully funded scholarship in China
  6. It is compulsory that students must live in Beijing during this master’s program
  7. TOEFL and IELTS certificate is compulsorily required. Note that a certificate issued before September 1st, 2021 will not be accepted
  8. TOEFL MyBest scores and TOEFL IBT Special Edition will not be accepted by Yenching Academy Peking University.
  9. Chinese Language Knowledge is not compulsory since you will be compulsorily trained in Chinese Language during the course period
  10. Mainland China students must be able to stay in Beijing for 2 years of the program. however, International students can actually visit home during vacation if he/she chooses to do so with the permission of their supervisors.
  11. Both males and females are qualified to apply for the Yunching Academy fully funded scholarships in China for international students.

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What are the documents you require for your Yenching Academy fully funded scholarships?

  • You need the Yunching Academy online application form
  • You need your research proposal
  • You need your official transcript
  • You need your Curriculum Vitae [CV]
  • You need your English Proficiency Test Certificate
  • You need a Diploma or certificate of enrollment
  • You need two letters of recommendation

What is the application deadline for Yunching Academy 2024 Fully funded scholarships?

You must submit your application for this fully funded scholarship on or before 3rd December 2023.

For Chinese Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Candidates, your application for the 2024 Yunching Academy of Peking University starts on August 15, 2023, and ends on the same date as the international students.

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How to apply for the Yunching Academy fully funded scholarship?

  1. Applicants must apply through the online admission portal
  2. Applicants must create an account on the admission portal
  3. you must ensure you upload all required necessary documents as required appropriately.

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