Work And Study in USA | 10 Amazing Job opportunities For Oversea Students In U.S. Schools

Work And Study in USA | 10 Amazing Job opportunities For Oversea Students In U.S. Schools

Work And Study in USA

Work And Study in USA | 10 Amazing Job Opportunities For Overseas Students In USA Schools is not a joke at all – It is real that you can actually study and work in the U.S. and make extra cash to assist your studies until you graduate as an overseas student. The fact is that the living cost in the USA. especially since the cost of education is extremely high and requires extra cash while schooling in the U.S. Truth be told, studying in the U.S. is never for the lazy boy especially if you are not from an affluent family/class who can afford anything anywhere in the world.

Why Work And Study in USA?

Work And Study in U.S.A | 10 Amazing Job Opportunities For Overseas Students In U.S Schools is intended to encourage those hustlers from the middle class, underdeveloped and developing countries, those who are keen and determined to achieve their academic dreams in the world’s most powerful and influential country – the U.S.A that it is possible and achievable.

Can I Work And Study In USA?

Can I Study And Work At The Same Time In the US? The answer to this question is a capital YES!
I am about to burst your bubbles here today on the easiest jobs you can possibly get in USA as an international student, where and how you can easily access these great job opportunities with beautiful paychecks as you work and study in USA Before we get there, let’s see those stuff you must put in place as an international student who wishes to work and study in USA

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Pros And Cons Of Work Study In USA

1. Build For Yourself A Beautiful and Irresistible Resume

One of the things that catches the attention of an employer is the applicant’s resume. There are individuals and businesses in the U.S. that pay serious attention to your resume if you must work and study in USA. as an overseas student.

Here are some of those vital areas or parts in your resume that you must carefully capture outside your grammatical constructions. Truth be told some employers don’t really consider the grammatical accuracies in your resume. Below are the things they want to see in your resume if you must work and study in USA They are:

  • Your correct names and contact details
  • Your educational history/background
  • Your work experience/achievements
  • Your customer relations experiences
  • Your leadership qualities
  • Your technical skills [If any]
  • Your internship exposures, and
  • Your project experience [if any]

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2. The U.S.A Student Visa Guidelines

The U.S.A Student Visa Guidelines should be well studied for a proper guide, planning, and most importantly to avoid landing Visayourself into very big trouble probably in jail while trying to secure work and study in USA However, it is important to categorically state here that U.S. student visa guideline allows students to work and study in the U.S. though with some conditions. Those conditions are:

  1. That a student shall only work for 20 hours in the entire week. This is meant to ensure that a student with an American Student Visa doesn’t get lost in the pursuit of money at the expense of his or her academics in as much as he or she can work and study in USA
  2. That the student can only work in the Campus. Let it be known here that getting a good job on campus is no big deal. There are lots of jobs within the campus that a student can apply for and you are sure of securing them. Most im[importantly, most of these employers are already aware of the student visa conditions and have designed the available according to the American Student Guideline.

Job Offer Guidelines And Considerations If You Must Work And Study In USA

There are compulsory considerations you must consider before accepting any job at all as an international student in America. They will help you to work and study in USA. and still achieve your academic dreams which are your priority as a student. They are:

  1. Any job you must undertake should be able to integrate you very quickly into your new environment and make you blend in very easily in no time.
  2. The job should and must help you make new acquaintances. You need new friends to blend into your new culture as an international student
  3. Your new part-time job must equate with your student lifestyle and should not suspend you from the student environment and lifestyle.
  4. The working experience should and must be beneficial enough to open up new and better opportunities shortly.
  5. Your job should be able to improve on and boost your language skills as an overseas student, and Most importantly
  6. Your job as a work and study student in the U.S must create enough time for your studies which is the real reason why you came to America in the first place.

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10 Amazing Job Opportunities for Overseas Students In U.S. Schools

Having given you a guide on what you must consider before considering a job as a work and study student, here are the available jobs that can allow you to work and study in USA:

1. University Book Store Assistant With The Average Salary Of $57, 806/Yr

The university bookstore is one of the places on the campus where you should seek a job since it’s always located inside the campus IF YOU MUST WORK AND STUDY IN USA The university bookstore sells course books, reference books, fiction work, and other school supplies. This alone has lots of added advantages for you as a student since you can enjoy some discounts as an employee, you have access to browse through books, meet great people from the university, and also get to work with the university bookstore manager directly or indirectly.
The Average Salary is $57, 806/Yr.

2. Library Monitor With an Average Salary of $10.57/hr

The role of the library monitor is quite simple and easy too since it is to maintain quietness and decorum in the university/college library and supervise the study places. one of the benefits you stand to gain here is not just that they pay per hour but for the fact that you have lots of space and a quiet environment and time to read, pay great attention to your studies even while you make cool extra cash hourly. The Average pay is $10.57/hr.

3. The Barista With an average Salary of $11.65/hr.

The job of a barista is simply a bar attendant. You serve coffee, espresso, and tea. and different drinks to students and potential customers there on campus. This might be good for you if you are a coffee lover because you can get a discount and save up some cash for yourself.

You can also work at restaurants, and cafes on campus as a barista since this kind of job is pretty common to find depending on your skills and experiences. However, you get to eat free food if you are a food lover and save up a lot for your studies. Another disadvantage I believe you can cope with this is the fact that every job has its own hazards.
A barista’s average salary is $11.65/hr.

4. BabySitter With An Average Salary of $10-15/hr

Another great and amazing job you should look out for if you must work and study in USA  is the babysitting job. This job can be enjoyed if you love children like yours sincerely. As a school administrator, I really enjoy being around kids, and believe me they carry lots of favors and blessings for you.

The babysitting job is one of the highest-paid jobs in the U.S. and it gives you the privilege of meeting and working for your professors/lecturers, school administrators/staff, and some rich students on campus as you take care of their kids.

5. Tour Guide With An Average Salary Of $15.64/hr

Another beautiful job you can go for if you want to work and study in USA is the tour guide job. The U.S universities and colleges have toured as an integral part of the campus activities and a very popular one at that. This is for the fact that U.S university/college campuses are usually very large and require a tour guide for new students/ applicants with their parents.

With the versatile nature of American campuses, you must familiarize yourself first with your campus environment before you can become a tour guide. This means that it may not be your first kind of job as a freshman on campus. You can comfortably do this job if you are sociable and friendly with people. As a tour guide, you are opportune to work with your school’s admission department. The average pay as a tour guide is $15.64/hr.

6. Teaching Assistant With The Average Salary Of $ 25. 672/Yr.

This is another amazing job opening you can check out as a work-and-study student in the U.S. However, this job is not openly advertised;, you have to go through your professors and lecturers if you can assist them. The work of the teaching assistant is to handle and collect assignments and probably run errands for your boss but you must be academically sound and really serious as well. This can begin from your freshman year, just speak to and be good to your professors. The annual average salary is $25,672/yr.

7. Campus Tech Support With The Average Salary Of $16.10/hr.

To be a computer tech support personnel, you must be highly skilled with computers or be proficient in a technical field. Consult your college /university I.C.T. Center for this opening since virtually all American schools offer campus tech support jobs to classrooms, Laboratories, and Libraries. This job causes little or no stress at all since you are only needed in the case of an emergency.

8. Academic Department Assistant with an Average Pay Of $41.709/YR.

The job of a departmental assistant is a clerical job involving you filling and sorting out papers and files. Meet with your head of department to find out if such a vacancy is available since departments most times prefer their student to work with them. This will also be a big advantage to you since you will get to meet with people that matter in your department.

9. Call Center Job With The Average Pay Of $28,499/Yr.

The call center job is another beautiful job as you work and study in USA but requires you to be very sound in terms of communication skills, friendly, and possesses computer skill. It also means that you must be highly knowledgeable of the company, product, and services of the company to be able to work as a customer support personnel.

For an appreciable knowledge about the company, products and services am quite sure they take you through some sort of formal training once you are offered the job. In any case, I am very sure you can go through any of the call center challenges once you are mentally prepared to do the job. The take-home pay at the end of the year is $28,499/Yr.

10. Production Assistant with An Average pay of $13.82/hr.

The entertainment industry is one great employment opportunities in the United States of America for a work-study international student. you can become an assistant production manager right there on campus with the privileges of enjoying free shows and still go home with some cool cash at the end of the day. The average salary is 13.82/hour.


The truth of the whole matter is that you can actually work and study in USA and still do excellently well as an international student. Many great men went through this format and came out rich and successful. In fact, the American student visa guideline made some provisions for a student to work and study in USA so long it’s with your university campuses and many companies and vendors have also grabbed the opportunity to reach out to the overseas student communities with their products and services. Your dream to live, Work, and study in  USA is actually possible.

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